Enjoy Gaelic traditions at special 'Waulking day'

22 May 2023
Visitors to the Auchindrain township museum near Inveraray are in for a treat this Saturday (27 May) with a special “waulking” day.

A waulking day involved the women of a township getting together to finish newly woven cloth by soaking it in dilute ammonia, thumping it and tightening up the weave to improve the durability of the cloth. 

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‘Performed’ by the Inverclyde Waulking Group (Sgioda Luaidh Inbhirchluaidh) whilst singing a range of traditional and humorous Gaelic songs, the process will see the group working on a length of raw tweed from Moray-based weavers Woven in the Bone.

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Bob Clark, Director of Auchindrain, commented: “A waulking day in the spectacular setting of the Auchindrain open air museum within Scotland’s last remaining township is a truly memorable experience and a fantastic recreation of days gone by. It’s not to be missed and is the third of eight such ‘waulking’ days planned for 2023.”

For more information please visit the Auchindrain website.