Mary Queen of Scots

Learn more about the life of Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587) with the guides below covering Mary's reign, personal possessions, the places where she lived and her imprisonment in England.

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Historian David Templeman tells the story of the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots in Sheffield Castle - the ...


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A project to recreate the face of one of the most controversial figures in Scottish history has been completed, as ...


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The pivotal role that Hamilton plays in the history of Scotland is being remembered as work continues to restore ...


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A letter which Mary Queen of Scots wrote shortly before her execution is to be used to help develop a system which ...


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Melissa Viguier of the School of Ancient Crafts tells the story behind a project to re-create the Marian Hanging, ...


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Mary Queen of Scots facts in numbers relating to her life in France, her reign in Scotland and her imprisonment in ...


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What is the truth behind the traditional belief that John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots were bitter enemies? ...


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With a new statue of Mary Queen of Scots due to be unveiled at Linlithgow Palace in April 2015, we take a look at ...


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Follow Mary Queen of Scots on a journey through Scotland with our pick of ten castles which played key roles in ...


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