Scottish Kings and Queens

Discover Scotland's fascinating monarchs with our features on Scottish kings and queens including Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots and King James VI.

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King James II of Scotland was born on 16 October 1430. ...


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In the first of our guest blog series to mark the release of the Mary Queen of Scots movie, travel blogger Neil ...


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King Alexander III married Yolande of Dreux on 14 October 1285. ...


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Who was Mary Queen of Scots? Why was she executed? Discover everything you need know about the life of Mary Queen ...


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History Scotland’s 48-page limited edition Mary Queen of Scots magazine explores various aspects of Mary’s life ...


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King James VII of Scotland died on 16 September 1701. ...


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King James IV of Scotland was killed at the Battle of Flodden Field on 9 September 1513.


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King Alexander II of Scotland was born on 24 August 1198.


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King Robert III of Scotland was born on 14 August 1337.


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King James IV of Scotland married Margaret Tudor on 8 August 1503.


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King James II was killed during the siege of Roxburgh Castle on 3 August 1460. ...


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Mary Queen of Scots married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, on 29 July 1565. ...


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