Scottish Kings and Queens

Discover Scotland's fascinating monarchs with our features on Scottish kings and queens including Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots and King James VI.

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Discover the final resting places of five remarkable Scots, with Peter Matthews, author of Who's Buried Where in ...


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Mary Queen of Scots married Francis, Dauphin of France at Notre Dame de Paris on 24 April 1558.


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King Charles II was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London on 23 April 1661.


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King Robert III of Scotland died on 4 April 1406 at Rothesay.


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Two remarkable collections of important Scottish historic artefacts fetched a total of £3.8 million at a Sotheby's ...


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On 25 March 1306, Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scots at Scone. ...


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On 24 March 1603, King James VI of Scotland also became King James I of England, on the death of Queen Elizabeth I ...


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King James IV of Scotland was born on 17 March 1473.


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King Robert II, the first monarch of the House of Stewart, was born on 2 March 1316.


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Dr John Callow, author of a new book on the exile of King James II, explores how the king created the Jacobite ...


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King David II died at Edinburgh Castle on 22 February 1371, at the age of 46.


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A new history project to explore Perth's medieval past, by locating and re-creating the royal tombs of the ...


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