Scottish Kings and Queens

Discover Scotland's fascinating monarchs with our features on Scottish kings and queens including Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots and King James VI.

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Mary Queen of Scots married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, on 29 July 1565. ...


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King James IV of Scotland declared war on England on 26 July 1513. ...


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Dr Alison Burke has been appointed as the new curator of the Scottish Catholic Heritage Collection at Blairs ...


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Robert the Bruce, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Captain Scott are among the people from Scottish history who have ...


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Alexander III was crowned at Scone on 13 July 1249. ...


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Robert the Bruce was born on 11 July 1274. ...


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Frances Stewart, the Duchess of Richmond was born on 8 July 1647. ...


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Rare treasures from Rome and the Vatican have gone on display at National Museum of Scotland today, as part of the ...


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King James VI of Scotland was born on 19 June 1566. ...


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On 17 June 1567, Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned at Loch Leven Castle. ...


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A new exhibition in East Lothian explores the intense period of warfare between 1542 and 1551, triggered by the ...


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Robert the Bruce died on 7 June 1329 at Cardross, near Dumbarton.


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