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Dundee University offers six postgraduate Masters degrees M.Litt. in History, Early America, European History, Scottish History, Urban and Cultural History, Scottish Church History…

Archaeology, Scottish Studies and History courses available at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level.

The University offers BA and Bsc courses in Archaeology, Forensic Science, Anthropology and Ancient History.

University Avenue Glasgow, United Kingdom, G12 8QQ

Archaeology, history and Scottish history courses available at undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time study levels.

Specialised History degrees are available in 20th-Century History, Maritime History, History of Art and Archaeology.

BA and study abroad courses in Archaeology and Ancient History.

The University offers MA courses in Historical Research, International Slavery Studies, Cultural History, Archives and Records Management, Twentieth Century History and Eighteenth…

Undergraduate BA courses in History and American Studies, Modern History and Economics, Politics and Modern History, History and Sociology, Archaeology and Anthropology and…

The university offers two BA undergraduate courses in Archaeology and History, however it does have a large number of MA, MPrac and PGDip courses in Archaeology, Ancient History,…

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