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All Scotland's OPR's on film; census records; the largest M.I. collection in Scotland.

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To promote and educate Clan Henderson History, and encourage people to learn more about how the Henderson's (Mackendricks) have an important history in Glencoe and other areas of…

A worldwide Association designed to further the aims and history of our ancient and honourable Clan. It helps keep our Clanfolks updated about all things Urquhart... offer a reliable family history and genealogy research services with tailored to suit your needs.

Ancestral Research Service.

West Street Bourne, United Kingdom, PE10 9PH

Learn more about your family history and how to research your ancestors with Family Tree magazine

Family history research service carried out by a professionally qualified genealogist.

A Charity with the sole aim of the restoration of Castle Craig on the Black Isle, Scotland. The last Castle built and still owned by the Clan.

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