Bid to expand Scottish Crannog Centre at Loch Tay

21 May 2020
The Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology (STUA) has submitted a request to purchase 4 hectares of land including the Dalerb car park and picnic site at Loch Tay.

With this bid, the Trust aims to secure the long-term future of the Scottish Crannog Centre by relocating to Dalerb.

The plan, if successful, would include:

  • a main building built to modern museum standards with a future-proofed museum store
  • multiple crannogs, showing different styles and theories
  • A woodman's yard with a built area for the construction and maintenance of Crannogs/ Iron age village, plus a training area for traditional skills/coppicing etc
  • other facilities to be developed through a masterplan consultation with the community.

Securing the Centre's future

Writing in their vision plan, the Centre said: 'The Museum has operated as a visitor centre for twenty years, but we are now a museum with all the responsibilities that brings, a responsibility to engage communities near and far today, responsibility to the communities of the future to look after the collections buildings and landscapes under our guardianship and arguably the biggest responsibility of all to tell the stories of those amazing Crannog Dwellers who 2,500 years ago built these fantastic structures and left us these amazing objects.

'We want to be a sector leading museum, a museum fit to tell our stories, a museum that is democratic, engages diverse folk both those that work alongside each other and those that visit, a place of activism where leadership runs right through the organisation.

'We have articulated our vision, agreed values that will shape how we are and set a path to being a special place that is respected, loved and admired, a national treasure that more than anything matters to the publics we are here to serve.

'To achieve these goals, the Centre needs to be much larger in order to expand our potential and not be stifled by lack of physical space and the limits of our current lease. We are looking to buy the Dalerb picnic area through Community Asset Transfer, a piece of land which is around 12 times bigger than our current space. This land will be owned outright by the Scottish Crannog Centre and will allow us to use the space to develop into a national treasure loved by all.'

How to get involved

Find out more about the project here.