MyMuseum: new digital project brings Perth Museum & Art Gallery collections closer to home

26 May 2022
Culture Perth and Kinross have unveiled a new digital project that will allow the public to get closer to the Perth Museum and Art Gallery collection and immerse themselves in thousands of years of history.

Using innovative photogrammetry techniques, MyMuseum will allow users to explore highlighted objects and create and share their own collections. 

High-definition images can be enlarged and examined in detail, while users can get finger-tip close to scanned 3D images of historic treasures in the collection, ranging from a tiny Japanese Netsuke sculpture to the Museum’s famous Scottish 17th-century men’s doublet. Or, choose historic photographs of Perth’s City Hall, digitised with the help of City Hall volunteers, recording everything from country dancing and flower shows, to rock concerts. 

With over half a million objects in the Nationally Significant Collection reflecting a vast range of cultures, identities and histories, the curated collections in MyMuseum include ‘Star Objects’ destined for display in the new multi-million-pound City Hall Museum, currently under construction in the heart of Perth.

Star objects

Among the Star Objects displayed online is a bronze cauldron from the Abercairney estate near Crieff, an early 19th-century carved and painted wooden statuette of Thomas Luke, Baillie of Perth, and a Caledonian trumpet brooch.

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A new digital game will allow users to display objects within an immersive 3D environment as part of the project. Created by Culture Perth and Kinross staff in partnership with Dorset Creative and students at Abertay University, the game is experimental in nature, demonstrating the concept of allowing people to create their own virtual museum space.

At the same time, a 55-inch interactive touch table will tour Perth and Kinross, taking the collection into the heart of communities across the region.

The digital table is available to use in Perth Museum and Art Gallery and will then tour around Perth and Kinross later, to be used as a community engagement tool.

This project has been funded by Museums Galleries Scotland, Perth and Kinross Council and Culture Perth and Kinross.

MyMuseum can be found here.