Archaeology professorship awarded to Orcadian academic

29 September 2021
An Orcadian zooarchaeologist has been awarded a professorship from the University of the Highlands and Islands in recognition of her research achievements.

Professor Ingrid Mainland is an internationally recognised archaeological scientist with 30 years’ experience as an academic researcher, lecturer, and leader in her field. Based in Orkney, her research interests and expertise lie in zooarchaeology and the archaeology of food, fodder and consumption.

Professor Mainland will deliver her inaugural professorial lecture, ‘Of trough and trencher: exploring food, fodder and feasting in the past and present’, online on 7 October 2021 at 4pm.

She said: “I am tremendously pleased that my research and activities for the university have been recognised in this way.  I had to leave the islands as young person to pursue my interest in a career archaeology, despite Orkney being the home to some of the best archaeology in the world.


“The development of the University of the Highlands and Islands enabled me to come back to the islands and help establish degree-level provision in archaeology drawing on the rich resources we have in the region.”

Since joining the university in 2009, Professor Mainland has attracted significant research funding and published numerous academic papers. Recent awards include the the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the German Research Council funded ‘Looking in from the Edge’ project, a three-year collaboration between the University of the Highlands and Islands, the Universities of Vienna, Lincoln and the German Maritime Museum exploring the impact of international commercialisation on north-west Europe’s peripheral communities from 1468-1712.

An active researcher, Prof Mainland has been invited to present papers at international events, from Norway to the USA, and remains a staunch advocate for community outreach and public engagement.

(report and images courtesy University of the Highlands & Islands)