Archaeology student receives postgraduate student of the year award

08 October 2019
Martha Johnson has been named a joint winner of the postgraduate student of the year award from the University of the Highlands & Islands - after starting a PhdD in her late sixties.

The award was made in recognition of Martha's 'transformative academic achievement' and her contribution's made to archaeology of Orkney, and in particular to the Ness of Brodgar, despite mobility isues. 

Martha came to archaeological research later in life, undertaking her PhD at Orkney College in her late sixties. On receiving the award she said: “I am extremely honoured to receive this award. I have had a wonderful time as a student at the university’s Archaeology Institute, and it has been a privilege to work on the Ness of Brodgar project. I have been made to feel most welcomed and valued. It was such a fantastic opportunity to work with the people that have written the books that I have read.” 

Ingrid Mainland, Curriculum Leader of Archeology said: “I nominated Martha for this award for her unfailing positivity throughout her studies and her dedication to complete within the four year registration.”

“She has contributed immensely to the Ness of Brodgar project. Her contagious enthusiasm for her research area and her presence on site has brought great benefit to the staff and students in the university’s Archaeology Institute, as well as the wider community both in Scotland and internationally. She exemplifies the principles of life-long learning and demonstrates that it can be undertaken at any stage of life.”  

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