Artist Allan Ramsay died - On this day in history

10 August 2019
Scottish painter Allan Ramsay died on 10 August 1784. ...

Scottish painter Allan Ramsay died on 10 August 1784 in Dover, at the age of 70. Ramsay was famed as a fine portrait painter and among his subjects were Flora MacDonald (pictured), King George III, David Hume and Queen Charlotte.

Ramsay's career in art came to an end in 1770 when he dislocated his right arm in an accident. He lived out most of his final years in Italy, the country in which he and his second wife Margaret Lindsay had travelled extensively.

Ramsay's portrait of the Duke of Argyll was used on Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes and his many paintings of King George III were commissioned by the king for him to distribute to visiting ambassadors.

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