Become a book reviewer for History Scotland magazine

15 September 2022
Books_on_a_shelf_perspective-73379.jpg History Scotland book reviewer
History Scotland has a number of vacancies for reviewers who can provide in-depth reviews of history and archaeology books.

History Scotland is Scotland's premier history magazine and is noted for its reviews of the latest Scottish history and archaeology titles. In each issue of the magazine, we look at a wide range of books, with up to three pages of the magazine devoted to book reviews.

If you'd like to be considered for the role, please email our Reviews Editor, Dr Louise Heren with your name and address, plus details of your areas of historic interest/expertise and your previous writing experience, and we'll be in touch. Although we don't make any payment to reviewers, you will be allowed to keep any books that you review and will also receive a copy of the magazine in which your review appears. 


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