Bishop John Lesley died - On this day in history

31 May 2022
imports_CESC_0-9swz5i41-100000_33912.jpg Bishop John Lesley died - On this day in history
On 31 May 1596, John Lesley, one of Mary Queen of Scots' chief advisors, died.

John Lesley, one of the chief advisors to Mary Queen of Scots, died on 31 May 1596.

Lesley was advisor to Mary Queen of Scots for most of her adult life and was one of the party of advisors sent to bring Mary from France to begin her reign in Scotland. During Mary's imprisonment in England, Lesley pleaded her cause with Queen Elizabeth I of England and also tried to help Mary escape her captors. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London for attempting to marry Mary to the Duke of Norfolk and during his time in captivity, began to write a history of Scotland.

On his release, he travelled to France and later retired to a monastery near to Brussels, where he spent the rest of his life.

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