Corries singer Roy Williamson died - On this day in history

12 August 2022
49a_very_best_700-38190.jpg The Corries
Scottish singer Roy Williamson died on 12 August 1990.

Roy Williamson, singer with the Corries and writer of the hit Flower of Scotland, died on 12 August 1990 at the age of 54. Edinburgh-born Williamson met his Corries co-star Ronnie Browne at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1955. The Corries first performed in an Edinburgh bar named The Waverley, and after entertaining an audience of just eight people at their first Edinburgh Festival Performance, were soon playing to packed venues.

Williamson and Browne were among the earliest music video performers, in the 1960s, with their musical videos filmed for TV's White Heather Club, in which the pair played their songs at a variety of Scottish locations, including harbours and mountains.

Among the Corries greatest hits are The Promise of the Day, In Retrospect, A Man's a Man and Scotland Will Flourish.

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