King Alexander III was crowned at Scone - On this day in history

13 July 2022
imports_CESC_0-gez78t6c-100000_42890.jpg King Alexander III was crowned at Scone - On this day in history
Alexander III was crowned at Scone on 13 July 1249.

Alexander III was crowned king at Scone on 13 July 1249, at the age of seven. Alexander III was the son of King Alexander II and his wife Marie de Coucy. Alexander III's father died in the January of 1249, leaving his son to inherit the throne.

The young king's early reign was dominated by two feuding parties, led by Walter Comyn the earl of Menteith, and Alan Durward, justiciar of Scotia. The two men attempted to dominate the king throughout the early years of his reign and he was only able to assert his authority on achieving his majority at the age of 21.

Alexander married Princess Margaret of England, a daughter of King Henry III of England, and the pair had three children - all of whom died within a few years of each other and before the death of Alexander himself, leaving him without an heir. He died at the age of 44 after falling from a horse and was succeeded by his grandaughter Margaret.

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Alexander III 1239-1286: First Among Equals by Norman H Reid