Linn Botanic Gardens added to Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes

11 March 2013
imports_CESC_0-i9jv0nd0-100000_92978.jpg Linn Botanic Gardens added to Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes

Linn Botanic Gardens has been added to Historic Scotland's Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, recognising its national importance. The gardens, which are located at Cove, on the Rosneath Peninsula, were created in 1971 when Dr Jim Taggart of Trinity College in Dublin bought the land upon which the gardens now stand and began to create a botanical garden using plants sourced from China, Peru and the Himalayas.

The garden was taken over by Dr Taggart's son, James Taggart, in 1997 and today's visitors are guided  through a variety of garden scenes that include:

  • A New Zealand Alpine Lawn
  • An exotic wood
  • A Bamboo garden with forty different kinds of bamboo
  • A 'walk up the glen' that has been densely planted with rhododendrons, exotic climbers and Chinese Epimedium species 


Welcoming the Botanic Garden to the Inventory, Elizabeth McCrone, Historic Scotland’s Head of Listing and Designed Landscapes said: 'I am delighted that Linn Botanic Gardens is now part of the Inventory of Designed Landscapes. It is of outstanding importance for its horticultural value, its value as a work of art, and for its historic and nature conservation value. As a result, it is one of the best examples of its type and of national significance.  

'Including the Gardens in the Inventory will ensure that the planning process takes into account their significance when changes are proposed.'

Jamie Taggart, owner of Linn Botanic Gardens, added: 'I am very pleased that Linn Botanic Gardens have been listed in the inventory. Having the extra recognition for my garden is important to me. A career as a garden curator requires future planning. Any additional support has to be welcomed with open arms. It is my wish that future generations can also share in the enjoyment of having the gardens that I have had and can continue to act as a benefit to the local area and beyond.'

What is the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes?

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The Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland is a list of nationally important sites that meet the criteria published in the Scottish Historic Environment Policy 2011. The Inventory provides information on sites in order to raise awareness of their significance and to assist in their protection and management for the future. The Inventory is a major resource for enhancing the appreciation and enjoyment of gardens and designed landscapes, for promoting education, and for stimulating further research.

Linn Botanic Gardens, Cove, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire G84 0NR; tel: 01436 842084; website.

(Image copyright Lynn M Reid)

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