Look ahead to the 20th Edinburgh, Lothians, & Borders Archaeology Conference

16 November 2022
Excavations at Shotinglee
The 2022 edition of the conference will be held at Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh on 19 November 2022.

The annual Edinburgh, Lothians, & Borders Archaeology Conference has been organised by the City of Edinburgh Council and East Lothian Council since 2002, with the Scottish Borders Council joining in 2010.

The conference provides an important opportunity to hear and discuss first-hand accounts of the archaeological fieldwork and research being undertaken in Edinburgh, East Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.

In the past twenty years the conferences have welcomed over 3,250 guests to learn and discuss the main archaeological issues of the day.

Exploring archaeological developments

The City of Edinburgh Council’s Archaeology Officer, John Lawson said:  “I am delighted that we are celebrating the 20th year of this conference and that the event continues to grow, allowing seasoned veterans along with those new to the field to get to grips with the latest archaeological developments in the region.

“As a co-founder with Biddy Simpson, formerly of East Lothian Council, I am incredibly proud that this event has grown with the addition of Scottish Borders Council to firmly establish itself as one of Scotland’s largest archaeological annual conferences.

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“Over the years the conference has explored the results of often nationally important archaeological projects which have changed our understanding of our past. We hope this year’s programme follows in this tradition, discussing a wide range of recent projects across the region, spanning work from the early prehistoric ritual landscapes, through evidence for Dark Age Conflict all the way up to the excavation of a 19th century ‘’Sea Serpent’’ in George V Park.”

East Lothian Provost, John McMillan, said: 

“This year’s event is the 20th Archaeology Conference and provides an opportunity to discover more about the recent excavations and finds undertaken in our region. The south-east area of the country has a rich history of settlements, battles and industries that have helped shape modern Scotland. It’s fascinating to learn more including how the very discipline of archaeology has changed with the use of new technology to aid identification of artefacts and ages.”

Get involved

Tickets are available online and are £30 each. Click here.

Some tickets will also be available on the door for purchase.