A Mary Queen of Scots statue in London’s Fleet Street

05 October 2018
Statue_of_Mary,_Queen_of_Scots,_Fleet_Street,_London-03036.jpg Statue of Mary Queen of Scots in Fleet Street, London
Did you know there is a statue of Mary Queen of Scots on London’s Fleet Street? Discover why the Stewart queen is immortalised in the heart of London.

Mary Queen of Scots (1542-87) became queen at six days old after the death of her father King James V. 

Although Mary Queen of Scots is buried at Westminster Abbey in London, close to the final resting place of Elizabeth I, who signed the warrant for Mary’s execution, Mary has few connections to London. So why is there a statue of her in Fleet Street?

The Mary Queen of Scots statue in London

The Mary Queen of Scots statue was built in 1905 and designed by architect R.M. Roe, for a Scottish insurance company. The statue was created at the request of the MP Sir John Tollemache, who was reputedly a great admirer of Mary Queen of Scots. 

The base of the statue carries the wording Mary Queen of Scots, whilst Mary is depicted wearing a long fitted dress, cape, ruff collar and small cap.

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The statue is located at 143-144 Fleet Street, London EC4. 

Information courtesy of London Remembers, which aims to capture all memorials in London and lists the Mary Queen of Scots statue here

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Mary Queen of Scots statue image © Loco Steve.