Olympic athlete Wyndham Halswelle was born - On this day in history

30 May 2022
Olympic athlete Wyndham Halswelle was born on 30 May 1882.

Olympic runner Wyndham Halswelle, who won gold at the 1908 London Olympics, was born on 30 May 1882. Halswelle was born in London and claimed Scottish descent through his grandfather General Nathaniel J Gordon. Halswelle served with the Highland Light Infantry in the Second Boer War and, during his military career, excelled in army athletics championships.

At the London Olympics of 1908, Halswelle became the only athlete to win an Olympic gold medal by default. After the result of his first race was declared void, the other athletes refused to compete in the re-run, leaving him to run alone and take the Gold in the 400 metres.

Halswelle was killed by a sniper in France during World War One.

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