King David II died at Edinburgh Castle - On this day in history

22 February 2019
King David II died at Edinburgh Castle on 22 February 1371, at the age of 46. ...

King David II of Scotland died on 22 February 1371, at Edinburgh Castle. He was the last male of the House of Bruce and died childless, being succeeded by his nephew Robert II.

David II came to the throne in 1329 at the age of five, after the death of his father Robert I. In 1332, Edward Balliol, a pretender to the throne, was crowned by King Edward III of England, with David II fleeing to France.

He returned to Scotland in 1341 but five years later, after invading England under the terms of the Auld Alliance which promised mutual aid between Scotland and France, he was taken prisoner. He spent eleven years as a prisoner of the English at various castles, including Windsor.

He died on 22 February 1371 and was buried at Holyrood Abbey.

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