Reformer Andrew Melville was born - On this day in history

01 August 2019
Religious reformer Andrew Melville was born on 1 August 1545.

Andrew Melville, religious reformer and scholar, was born on 1 August 1545 in Baldovie, Angus. Melville was a scholar of international renown who became principal of both Glasgow University and St Mary's College at St Andrews. After graduating from St Andrews University, Melville travelled to mainland Europe to further his studies and it was here that he absorbed new ideas which he would implement on his return to Scotland's universities.

In 1574, he began a programme of improvements at the University of Glasgow, setting up a new and extended curriculum which, along with his reputation for excellence, attracted students from across Scotland. Melville's religious views placed him at odds with King James VI, whom he called 'God's silly vassal' - an argument which led to Melville's eventual imprisonment in the Tower of London.