Sir John Pringle died - On this day in Scottish history

18 January 2020
Sir John Pringle, President of the Royal Society and physician to King George III, died on 18 January 1782. ...

Physician and medical researcher Sir John Pringle, physician to King George III and President of the Royal Society from 1772 to 1778, died on 18 January 1782.

Pringle achieved fame through his research on the importance of cleanliness when treating wounded soldiers on the battlefield. He spent time with the Redcoat armies and is said to have been present at the Battle of Culloden, as well as acting as physician to the Earl of Stair who was serving in the Battle of Flanders.

Pringle's paper 'Observations on Diseases in the Army' gave him the title of 'Father of Modern Medicine' and he also coined the term 'influenza'.

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