Reader Memories - Working at Glasgow's Templeton's Carpets

12 October 2011
imports_CESC_0-xyp0ew7u-100000_95867.jpg Reader Memories - Working at Glasgow's Templeton's Carpets
Andrew McIntyre describes his work in the design department of Templeton's Carpets in Glasgow, in the 1970s. ...
Reader Memories - Working at Glasgow's Templeton's Carpets Images

Andrew McIntyre describes his work in the design department at Templeton's Carpets, Glasgow Green, in the 1970s.

I left school in 1971 and was seeking employment in the art field. Having just missed out on a place at art school, I decided that working in an art environment was the best bet. After many, many attempts to gain employment, I finally succeeded in gaining a position with Templeton Carpets as a designer in the design department. This department was situated at the top of the building. It had huge windows, giving the studio maximum light.

There was an older man employed as a handyman but his real job was mixing the paints. These came in big drums in powdered form and were put out on a table where the designers picked and mixed various colours. Life was great in the studio and there was a plethora of great artists, one of whom even had his oil paintings displayed in an uptown gallery. Once a design was finished and deemed acceptable for the customer, it was then painstakingly transferred to carded paper. This was sheets of card with a very small rectangles on, and each rectangle represented a single strand of wool. When this card was ready, it was sent down to the looms and a carpet was made.

We produced carpets for the Stakis Hotel chain amongst others, and it was a joy to enter one of these hotels and see the end result of your work underfoot.

Templetons was also a genteel place, as even the canteen had tableclothes and condiments on the tables, and afterwards we usually had a game of snooker or whatever in the games room. Of course, the Templeton’s building was an imposing structure based as it was on the Doges Palace, fortunately it still stands today, although the carpet manufacturing has long gone, sadly.

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