Remembering The Accused Witches of Scotland

06 May 2021
Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland is a small but growing group of social justice campaigners, historians and passionate community members who would like to raise awareness of the forgotten victims of Scotland’s witch trials.

The group, established in 2018, has the following aims:

  • Raise awareness of the Accused Witches of Scotland
  • Obtain an apology from the Scottish Churches
  • To gain a legal pardon from the Scottish Government
  • Erect and maintain a National Memorial to remember and honour approximately 4,000 tortured souls


The story so far...

October 2018: The original group was started by Sara Kelly and Kate Stewart.

This led to connecting with Professor Julian Goodare at Edinburgh University, Dr Louise Yeoman, Director of the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft and Dr Lizanne Henderson from The University of Glasgow, who put forward the suggestion that the group should have a conference about the witch trials.

January 2019: The Facebook page Fife Witches Remembered was created.  

May 2019:  First Conference held in the Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline    

The group’s overall aims came from this conference and monthly meetings began to take place to start work on bringing these to fruition.

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December 2019: Steering Group started on a possible 5-year plan including lectures, conference, pardons/apologies for all accused of witchcraft. Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland (RAWS) become a constituted group to raise funds to meet the group's aims, and have since applied for charitable status.  

September 2020: Opening of The Accused Witches Trail, supporting the West Fife Heritage Network, commemorating Lillias Adie, Scotland's only witch who has an identifiable grave, in Torryburn, Fife.

The trail commemorates accused witches from Culross, Torryburn, and Valleyfield. Claire Mitchell, QC,  unveiled the Culross Plaque. Claire has recently launched a campaign - Witches of Scotland - to have a legal pardon granted for those victims of the Witchcraft Act 1563.

November 2020: A virtual conference took place, bringing together voices from around the world to share knowledge and make plans. 

Find out more

Facebook page, Twitter @ScottishWitches, Instagram @scottishwitches.