Reverend Henry Duncan died - On this day in history

12 February 2021
imports_CESC_0-toqaqwbm-100000_16913.jpg Reverend Henry Duncan died - On this day in history
Reverend Henry Duncan, founder of one of the world's first commercial savings banks, died on 12 February 1846. ...

Duncan was a church minister who used his position to help those in need. He is perhaps best known for establishing one of the world's first savings banks, with account deposits which were within the reach of ordinary working people, at a time when opening a savings account would have been beyond the means of most people.

Duncan ministered to the same parish for the whole of his working life, and also worked as an author, publishing The Cottage Fireside series of tracts and founding The Dumfries & Galloway Courier which he edited for seven years.

Duncan was also the first person to present a scientific report of a fossil track, which he discovered near Lochmaben. He died whilst conducting a religious service for one of his parishoners.

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