Explore over 18,000 Dundee burial records

16 April 2021
Explore more than 18,000 Dundee burial records
Thousands of records for New Howff/Constitution Road burial ground in Dundee have been added to the Angus Antiquarian website.

The entries, from burial register no.6 total 18,858 records over 1,198 plots, covering the years 1836 to 1855.

The Angus Antiquarian website contains thousands of inscriptions and photographs from the Howff and the New Howff burial grounds and others in the surrounding area, including:

  • St Aidan's churchyard, Dundee
  • St Andrew's Church, Dundee
  • St Peter's Churchyard, Invergowrie 

You can search by name in the keyword section, or browse the surname indexes for the relevant burial ground. Information on unlisted monuments and monument fragments is also included.  

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New Howff/Constitution Road burial ground

The New Howff/Constitution Road burial ground in Dundee was opened in 1834, named in relation to the older Dundee Howff cemetery that was established in 1564. Since then, the 20th century additions of a ring road and car park at the site saw most of the New Howff cemetery destroyed, although some of the gravestones were preserved at the western wall of the burial site.

The recording of inscriptions in the Howff was completed in 2015. All monuments visible and also those removed in antiquity, or destroyed by the ravages of time, have their inscriptions recorded on the Angus Antiquarian site. Additional inscriptions and information obtained from other sources and some background stories have been added to selected memorials. 

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