Coldstream Guards and Scots Guards records added to FindMyPast genealogy website

17 May 2021
Explore military records that span the years 1642 to 1947 in new records added to FindMyPast.

Find out when your ancestor joined and left the army, plus other details about where he came from, his military service and, in some cases, see a photograph, with the latest additions to the British Army Service Records collection at FindMyPast.

What information do the records contain?

Each record comprises a transcript, and most include several black and white images (ranging from 1-100) of the records of your ancestors who served as officers and other ranks in the British Army.

The amount of detail in each transcript can vary depending on when the record was created and the purpose of the record, such as whether it was created for pension purposes or new recruits. 

Information can include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birth year
  • Birth county
  • Birth country
  • Service number (i.e. regimental number)
  • Rank
  • Regiment
  • Unit/Battalion
  • Age at attestation in years and months
  • Attestation date
  • Attestation corps
  • Residence
  • Pension
  • Death date – if the individual died during service
  • Document type – attestation or discharge
  • Series – this gives you further clues to the context of the records
  • Archive and reference


The record series include:

Coldstream Guards 1800-1947 

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This set has been made available by The Coldstream Guards Charitable Fund. It comprises of many different regimental history records including Discharge Books, Courts Martial Book, Decorations and Rewards and Officers' Statements of Services.

The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in the British Army in continuous active service, the regiment’s origins date back to the English Civil War. The Regiment has served in every major conflict and many minor ones since it raised.

Scots Guards Enlistment Registers, 1799-1939 

This set has been made available by the Scots Guards. It comprises regimental enlistment records from 1799 to 1939. The attestation books record the place, date, and age of the soldier at the time of attestation. You will also find the soldier’s birth place, spouse’s name, marriage date, and trade prior to joining the army. The books also recorded if the individual received medals or was wounded during service, as well as the individual’s rank at the time of discharge.

Scots Guards Officer Enlistment Registers, 1642-1939 

The officer enlistment books provide dates of promotion to officer ranks such as lieutenant, captain, major, or lieutenant colonel. The remarks column details the officer’s mobilisation dates and resignation dates, as well as whether the officer was wounded or received medals or awards. Some records will include a date of death, especially in cases where the officer was killed in action or died of wounds. These books have been made available online by the Scots Guards.

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