Scottish actor James Finlayson died - On this day in Scottish history

09 October 2019
Scottish actor James Finlayson died on 9 October 1953. ...

Scottish actor James Finlayson died on 9 October 1953 at the age of 66. Finlayson was born in Larbert in 1887 and emigrated to the USA at the age of 24 in 1911, with his brother Robert. Finlayson arrived in Los Angeles in 1916 and worked at the Thomas Ince Studios, before finding work with the Hal Roach Studios, with whom he would make his name. Here, he worked alongside Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and developed his own persona, with a trademark moustache and catchline 'Dohhhhhh!'.

Finlayson appeared in more than thirty Laurel and Hardy films and also played smaller parts in films such as To Be Or Not To Be and Foreign Correspondent. He died in Los Angeles of a heart attack.

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James Finlayson timeline

27 August 1887 James Finlayson is born in Larbert, Stirlingshire

1911 - Emigrates to the USA

1916 - Arrives in Los Angeles to start a film career with Thomas Ince Studios

1919 - Marries Emily Cora Gilbert

1927 - Billed alongside Laurel & Hardy in the All Star Comedy series

1929 - Appears in 'Big Business'

1937 - Appears in 'Way Out West'

9 October 1953 - Death of James Finlayson