5 reasons to LOVE History Scotland’s Jacobite-themed issue

23 September 2020
Want to know more about the Jacobites and their cause? Read the latest research on this fascinating period of Scotland’s history? Read on to find out all about our special themed issue.

This winter marks the 300th anniversary of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the man better known to the world as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’. Historians, authors, artists and most recently TV producers (think Outlander!) have been inspired by the Jacobites and their legacy.

Our special themed issue will focus on the Jacobites and their legacy, with expert analysis and new research from some of Scotland’s foremost historians and thinkers.

Read on to find out our top five reasons pre-order buy our themed issue today and secure your copy today!

1. Commemorating a landmark anniversary

This special issue of History Scotland magazine marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in Rome on 31 December 1720. His quest for the throne and his journey 'over the sea to Skye' would inspire poets, artists and songwriters over the centuries.

2. Your perfect introduction to the Jacobites

Our special issue includes a compelling and accessible introduction to the Jacobites and their cause, written by Dr Allan Kennedy, History Scotland's consultant editor. It provides the perfect introduction or brush-up to this crucial period of Scottish history.

3. Access to the latest research you can’t read anywhere else!

The magazine brings together the latest research on Jacobite people, places and events, with opinion, analysis and plenty of ideas on taking your own research further.

4. A new slant on Jacobite research

The in-depth articles in the magazine include the latest thinking on Jacobite studies, including the key role of women, and a new database that explores the involvement of 'ordinary' Scots.

5. Some of the best historians in this field of study

We're proud to bring our readers writing from some of the country's foremost Jacobite historians, including Professor Daniel Szechi, Dr Kieran German, Dr Anita Gillespie, Dr Alastair Mann and Dr Darren Scott Layne.

Themed issue details

History Scotland November/December 2020 is a Jacobite special priced at £4.99 and available in print and digital versions.

You can reserve a copy of the print issue here

The digital edition will be available to download from 10 October.