5 reasons to LOVE History Scotland's themed Witchcraft in Scotland special issue

25 May 2021
Want to find out more about the history of witchcraft in Scotland? Enjoy the latest research on this fascinating topic? Read on to find out all about our special themed issue.

Generations of historians have studied witchcraft in Scotland, including the impact of the witch trials, belief in the devil, and the impact of witchcraft on everyday life.

History Scotland's themed Witchcraft in Scotland special issue builds on this scholarship and presents the latest thinking, opinion and research in a beautifully-illustrated 64-page magazine.

Read on to find out our top five reasons pre-order buy our themed issue today and secure your copy today!

1. Your perfect introduction to the history of witchcraft

Our special issue includes a compelling and accessible introduction to the Scottish witch trials written by Dr Allan Kennedy, History Scotland's consultant editor. It provides the perfect introduction to, or brush-up on, the topic.

2. Access to the latest research you can't read anywhere else!

The magazine brings together the latest research on witchcraft in Scotland, with opinion, analysis and plenty of ideas for taking your own research further.

3. A new slant on witchcraft studies

The in-depth illustrated articles in the magazine include the latest thinking on witchcraft in Scotland, including the real cost and profits of witch hunting, the role of the devil in Early Modern Scotland, and the appearance of therianthropy in witch trials.

4. Some of the best historians in this field of study

We're proud to bring our readers writing from some of the country's foremost witchcraft historians, including Professor Julian Goodare, Professor Mikki Brock, Dr Sierra Dye, Dr Lizanne Henderson, Dr Allan Kennedy and Nicole Maceira Cumming.

5. Discover how witchcraft affected our Early Modern ancestors

Whether faced with an accusation of witchcraft, a victim of malicious gossip based around witchcraft, or simply a church-goer listening to a sermon on the wiles of the devil, the lives of many of our Early Modern ancestors would have been entwined with witchcraft to some degree.

The accessible articles in our themed special explain:

  • The background to the witch trials
  • Why women were more likely to be accused of witchcraft than men
  • How belief in the devil permeated Early Modern society

Themed issue details

History Scotland July/August 2021 is a Witchcraft in Scotland special priced at £4.99 and available in print and digital versions.

You can reserve a copy of the print issue here

The digital edition will be available to download from 12 June.