Explore DNA test results and documentary evidence at Declaration of Arbroath Family History Exhibition

23 January 2020
Arbroath Abbey
A new exhibition at Arbroath Abbey explores the stories of sixteen of the people who signed the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

The exhibition, which runs from 3 July to 14 August, presents the ongoing findings of the Declaration of Arbroath family history project.

The research is being carried out by staff and postgraduate students of the University of Strathclyde's Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme and is funded by the Foundation for medieval genealogy.

The signatories

The exhibition will display biographies, genealogical charts and coats of arms of 16 individuals associated with the Declaration, as well as information on another 33 'signatories.' It will also present the findings of genetic genealogy research, using DNA test results and documentary evidence.

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The aim is to find living descendants of the 'signatories' who knew nothing about their medieval ancestry, and discover how DNA can reveal more about these unknown ancestries.

Arbroath 2020

The exhibition is part of a six-month celebration of the Declaration of Arbroath. To explore all the events, visit the website.