How to use Trove for family history research

29 June 2022
Discover your Scottish ancestors at Trove
Trove is a free online resource contain collections from Australian libraries, universities, museums, galleries and archives, many of which relate to emigrant Scots.

In this special summary, the experts at Trove explain how to make the most of the vast collections on the website for family history research. 

Trove introduction video

What can I discover?

Thousands of people use Trove to find out more about their family. This Trove Stories blog has tales of intrepid women, experiences of coming to Australia, and the excitement of coming across the only known photograph of an ancestor.

Of course, researching your family secrets often means uncovering stories that had been forgotten or were unknown to later generations, as this blog  by Ashley Barnwell of the University of Melbourne explains.

Using newspapers for family history

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Trove's immense newspaper collection can shed a light on what life was like for your Scottish ancestors in Australia - and you might even be lucky enough to find an ancestor mentioned.

Part 1 of Trove's video explains how to browse newspapers and what you might expect to find:

In part 2, discover how to add tags and notes to your findings:

Take your research further

Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to expand the search. The below links allow you to dig deeper into the lives of your ancestors: