King Robert III was born - On this day in history

14 August 2019
King Robert III of Scotland was born on 14 August 1337. ...

King Robert III of Scotland was born on 14 August 1337 at Scone Palace. He was the son of King Robert II and Elizabeth Mure and was named John Stewart, Earl of Carrick.

Robert ascended the throne in 1390, at the age of 53, but his reign was largely unsuccessful, with strong support for his younger brother, the Duke of Albany, to take the throne in his stead. When Robert III was severly injured after being kicked in the head by a horse, his oldest son, the Duke of Rothesay, was appointed to rule on his behalf.

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Robert III's eleven-year-old son James was taken prison by King Henry IV of England in 1406, months before Robert III's death, and remained in captivity for eighteen years. On hearing the news, and perhaps anticipating his own demise, Robert III wrote his own epitath, which included the words 'Here lies the worst of kings and the most wretched of men.'