The best of History Scotland website: 2019 round-up

16 December 2019
A year of History Scotland
Our annual round-up presents the top twelve most popular articles on the History Scotland website during 2019.

1 – The husbands of Mary Queen of Scots

A look at Mary’s relationships with her three husbands – Francis II, Henry Stuart Lord Darnley and James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell. Read here.

2 – Mary’s execution

Our second most popular article concerns the execution of Mary Queen of Scots on 8 February 1587. Read here.

3 – Going gold panning

Discover where in Britain gold has been found – and is still found – over the centuries. Read here.

4 – The life of Henry Stuart Lord Darnley

Exploring the life of Mary’s second husband, the controversial Henry Lord Darnley. Read here.

5 – The prisons of Mary Queen of Scots

The Mary theme continues with a look at the different English prisons where Mary Stuart was kept. Read here.


6 – Mary and John Knox

A look at the fiery relationship between John Knox and his adversary Mary Queen of Scots. Read here.

7 – What tartan can I wear?

Find out whether there is a tartan associated with your surname or location. Read here.

8 – Mary and Bothwell

Studying the relationship between Mary Queen of Scots and her third husband. Read here.

9 – Mary Stuart castles

A round-up of Scottish castles associated with the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Read here.

10 – Mary’s final resting place

Find out about the burial site of the Stewart queen. Read here.

11 – Fascinating facts

Facts about Mary Queen of Scots that you (probably) never knew. Read here.

12 – Gemology in Scotland

Our final article profiles where in Scotland precious gemstones have been found. Read here.