The Porteous Riots took place - On this day in history

07 September 2021
Porteous_Plaque,_Grassmarket,_Edinburgh_(2)-16423.JPG The Porteous Plaque, Grassmarket, Edinburgh
The Porteous Riots occured on 7 September 1736. ...

Captain John Porteous was lynched by a mob in Edinburgh following an incident known as the Porteous Riots, on 7 September 1736. Porteous was attacked for his actions during the riots, when he had ordered troops to fire on a crowd of rioting Edinburgh citizens, who were protesting at the execution of smuggler Andrew Wilson.

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Porteous was sentenced to death for causing death and injury to around thirty people but following an appeal, was reprieved. A furious crowd stormed the Edinburgh jail where Porteous was held and dragged him to the Grassmarket, where he was hanged.

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