The Skye Bridge opened - on this day in Scottish history

16 October 2022
The Skye Bridge
The Skye Bridge opened on 16 October 1995. ...

The Skye Bridge opened on 16 October 1995, connecting the Isle of Skye to the Scottish mainland. Prior to the bridge being built, crossings to Skye had been made by ferry, for at least 400 years. Proposals for a bridge had been made during the 19th century, as road and rail transport was developing, but the island's small population meant that the suggestion was never seriously considered.

Construction on the bridge began in 1992, with secretary of state Michael Forsyth opening the crossing three years later. A toll was charged but after protests, the toll scheme was ended on 21 December 2004.

The Skye bridge in numbers

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  • 570 - Length of the Skye Bridge in metres
  • 250 - Main span of the bridge
  • 625,000 - Average number of vehicle crossings in a year
  • 27 million - The price in pounds paid by the Scottish Executive to buy the bridge back from its private operators in 2004

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