Top tips for choosing that perfect gift

10 September 2020
Looking for that perfect present? Read these expert tips to help you choose the ideal gift for your loved one.
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Juniper have been helping people choose the perfect gift for nearly 50 years. Using our knowledge and experience, we have put together a few points to consider when it comes to finding a meaningful gift.

1. Do your homework

Do your homework before you start your search. Try to take note of what pieces the recipient usually wears; bold or delicate? Gold or silver? Knowing what material they prefer to wear is a great starting point and will help the sales assistant guide you in the right direction. With giftware, it really helps to start with someone’s hobbies and interests. Do they have a whisky collection? Our range of Darach clocks, drink ware and photo frames made from real Scottish whisky barrels may be a quirky alternative! Clues like these are fantastic pointers for beginning the search for the perfect gift.

2. Look for quality

When looking for a gift, choosing a quality piece is important. One perfect item will always make a bigger impact than several last minute purchases! One way to guarantee to find quality pieces is by looking close to home and purchasing Scottish-made items.

At Juniper, we stock work by many Scottish designers and one of our most long standing jewellers is Sheila Fleet. Sheila takes inspiration from nature in her surroundings in Orkney, producing collections inspired by the local landscape. Her work is beautifully produced using sterling silver and hand painted enamel and because of her creativity there is usually a piece for everyone. 

3. Shop local

You are far more likely to find products that inspire you if you search out local businesses which stock an array of different brands and designers, both established and newly starting out. As well as unique products, most local businesses have extensive knowledge on their stock and will be more than happy to advise you.

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Some of our most popular products come from UK designers such as Celina Rupp, Highland Stoneware and Dunoon. By purchasing UK made products from us you are not only supporting your local economy, but also helping the environment by shopping sustainably.

4. Trust your instincts

We often find that customers will look at several pieces, only to return to the first piece they pointed out! If something immediately stands out to you then trust your instincts. If you like the piece, then there’s a good chance the recipient will like it too. If in doubt, why not bring them into the shop where they have the chance to point out items they like? If you are really unsure if you are making the right choice, then you can always ask for a gift receipt!

5. Think outside the box

Quite often we find that customers can be wary of diverting from tradition when it comes to gift giving. However, gifts such as those with “Happy Anniversary” or an age printed on them are falling out of favour with something personal or meaningful being preferred.

When looking for Scottish jewellery, instead of traditional celtic pieces or thistles, why not go for a piece from our Heathergems range? Heathergems jewellery is uniquely produced by dyeing and pressing dried heather stems which are then lacquered to produce truly one-off pieces of jewellery which are fun and vibrant in colour.

Whatever you end up choosing, it is the thought behind a gift that counts and the team at Juniper hope to see you soon on your search for the truly perfect gift. 

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