Advertising with History Scotland - client testimonials

Advertising with History Scotland can put your product in front of an audience of over 130,000 history lovers. But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what recent advertisers have to say:

Place your product at centre stage

Kimberley Reeman, author of Coronach, says: 

'Handsomely designed and lovingly produced by a team of dedicated professionals, and every article is researched and illustrated to the highest standards of scholarship.

'As a novelist and historian, I research obsessively and strive for authenticity and quality in my work, and it is a joy to find a similar dedication at History Scotland. Her standards are as high as my own, and her professionalism, sound advice and sheer personal warmth are second to none.

'Promotion for Coronach by History Scotland puts this epic novel of Culloden and the Highland Clearances right where it belongs, front and centre for potential readers, and Sarah has, from the beginning, been my guide and ally in that mission. [The History Scotland team] have my confidence, my appreciation and my respect. Tapadh leibh!'

Reach your target audience

Euan Macpherson, author of The Last Jacobite Heroine, says:

'Advertising can be a bit like roulette – lots of money can be thrown away if you cannot accurately target your market! The Scottish diaspora has spread across the whole world. How do you reach Scots in Australia, America and at home?

'I have found that History Scotland has met this challenge both efficiently and effectively. I am the author of The Last Jacobite Heroine, a book about Anne Mackintosh (Scotland’s forgotten heroine) who risked everything for Bonnie Prince Charlie. When I track my rising or falling sales, I have noticed that peaks in sales coincide with promotions on'

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