History Scotland Lectures

Introducing The History Scotland Lectures

History Scotland's newest project is a lecture series which travels around Scotland, giving people around the country the chance to learn more about Scotland’s history.

We have sought to attain these goals in multiple ways, through the magazine, of course, but also via our website, our social media presence, our podcasts, our digital special guides, our writing prizes and, most recently, our standalone ‘Essays’ series. Now, however, we are delighted to reveal our biggest, most ambitious and most exciting venture yet – The History Scotland Lectures.

Developed in association with the University of Dundee Centre for Scottish Culture, The History Scotland Lectures will be an ongoing series that consists of two public talks each year, free of charge and open to all, offering insights from leading experts into the latest research on a huge range of topics.

Moreover, The History Scotland Lectures will travel around Scotland, giving people living throughout the country a chance to get involved and to learn about Scottish history. The Lectures are set to develop into an unparalleled platform for bringing you the very best in historical scholarship.


The inaugural lecture

The inaugural entry in The History Scotland Lectures was a debate between Professor Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow) and Professor Christopher Whatley (University of Dundee) on ‘Who were the Jacobites and what did they want for Scotland?’. Professors Whatley and Pittock are two of Scotland’s leading experts on the18th century, and in this debate they discussed the nature of Jacobitism and the movement’s thinking on Scotland and Britain.

Watch a video of the first lecture:

Coastal history in Scotland

The second in the History Scotland Lectures series, in association with the University of Dundee Centre for Scottish Culture, was 'Coastal history in Scotland', on 30 August 2018, in Inverness. 

Dr David Worthington of the University of the Highlands & Islands presented an in-depth exploration of the role Scotland's coastline has played in our history.

Watch a video of the event

The third event was held on 11 April 2019, delivered by Professor Tanja Bueltmann (Northumbria University) and chaired by Professor Graeme Morton (University of Dundee).

Watch a video of the event

Since its inception all the way back in 2001, History Scotland’s mission has remained the same: to bring its readers cutting-edge historical research in an accessible, engaging format and to promote the study of Scotland’s rich and fascinating past.

All are welcome to the History Scotland lectures, completely free of charge, although anybody who would like to attend is asked to register their interest.

To reserve your place, or for general enquiries, email us, or alternatively call 0113 200 2922.