Crisis, conspiracy and conquest: life in 17th-century Scotland

18 November 2021
History Scotland's latest digital special takes a look at key moments from the turbulent 17th century.

The new digital special comprises five ten-minute guides written by Dr Allan Kennedy, consultant editor at History Scotland.

The guides, originally published in History Scotland magazine, focus on five key topics:

  • The Gowrie Conspiracy: An exploration of an alleged plot to assassinate James VI that has fascinated historians for centuries
  • The 1690s famine: The devastating famine that ravaged Scotland in the 1690s, interpreted by some as divine punishment for the overthrow of James VII
  • The Storming of Dundee: A look at the capture of Dundee by English troops in 1651
  • The Killing Time: a look at the anti- Presbyterian persecution of the reign of Charles II
  • The Five Articles of Perth: A look at controversial religious reforms

    initiated by James VI that precipitated one of the 17th century’s most serious political crises

Download now for the special price of just £2.99, or £1.99 for History Scotland subscribers. Not a History Scotland subscriber? Check out our special offers here.

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