Entry now open for the annual Alasdair Ross prize

01 July 2022
The Scottish History Society and History Scotland magazine invite entries for the annual Alasdair Ross prize, which aims to support postgraduate students and early career researchers undertaking archival research on Scottish history and/or environmental history.

The winning applicant(s) will be awarded a sum of up to £500 to assist with expenses incurred during archival visits.

This prize is awarded in memory of Dr Alasdair Ross, who served as a member of the Scottish History Society Council and Editor of History Scotland prior to his death in 2017. It reflects his ground-breaking scholarship and his exceptional contribution to Scottish History generally both within and beyond the academic sphere, and his pioneering work in environmental history.

Covid-19 update

The prize organisers usually request that the proposed research trip(s) should be conducted within a year of the award of the prize. This requirement will be relaxed while the pandemic is ongoing. The prize-winner(s) will receive the award with the expectation that they should conduct their research when it is safe to do so.


Anyone registered for any postgraduate degree at any university; anyone within five years of graduation with a postgraduate qualification. Applicants will be asked to affirm that they are not eligible to have the proposed costs covered in full by a guaranteed research expenses fund, such as from a university department/school or the funder of the applicant’s postgraduate or postdoctoral project, e.g. the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities. If the applicant has also applied to other, non-guaranteed, funding competitions, we ask that they should inform us in the case of a successful outcome, before or during the term of an award from the SHS.

Previous winners of this prize are not eligible to re-enter, but previously unsuccessful applicants are warmly encouraged to apply.

In the past, applications for research that will lead to a standalone publication (not solely a PhD thesis chapter) have been more likely to succeed.

Application procedure

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To enter, please email a 2-page CV and an application form. . The deadline for entries is 31 March 2023. Informal enquiries are welcome. 

Process of judging

Entries will be judged by the Council of the Scottish History Society. The winner(s) will be announced by 31 May 2023. The Society reserves the right to award more than one prize per year, or not to award the prize.

The prize

Prize-winners will receive a sum of up to £500 to assist with the costs of travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred while conducting archival research. They will also receive one year’s membership of the Scottish History Society, and a one-year subscription to History Scotland magazine.

Prize-winners will be asked to submit a blog post about their research trip (250-300 words), which may be published on the Scottish History Society website. They will also be invited to submit an article based on their findings (c. 3,000 words, negotiable) to be considered for publication in History Scotland.

The support of the Scottish History Society should be acknowledged in any publications arising from the funded research trip.

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