Roman road under threat

10 September 2021
Members of the Antonine Guard group marching the Roman road
John Richardson of the Antonine Guard re-enactment group talks about a Roman road under threat from planned quarry work.

Just south of the town of West Linton on the A702 is without doubt one of the most scenic and best stretches of a Roman Road in both Scotland and Britain that sill exists after nearly 2,000 years since the coming of the Roman Governor Agricola while taking his legions north.

Today, this Roman Road lying in the shadows of the Pentland and Mednick Hills faces a real threat from a quarry being proposed to extract sand and gravel. Considering the age of this Roman road it is worthy indeed of saving for all future generations, as once part of it is destroyed with machinery and new roads being built, a treasure will be lost for all future generations of locals, children and visitors. Once destroyed this can never be put back into its existing shape and structure

An archaeological gem

This Roman Road is an archaeological gem and its possible destruction after 2,000 years of time we cannot allow to happen. I would urge everyone to support the South Slipperfield Quarry Action Group or write to the SBC Planning Portal.

This Roman Road follows in the line of a Neolithic. pathway nearly 4,000 years old, and runs through outstanding landscapes and scenery full of rural delights and calm. This Roman Road dating to Agricola deserves protection within the Special Landscape Area (SLA) We must not allow this Roman Road to become a victim to be destroyed just to provide a quarry. This could also wipe out hidden archaeology still waiting to be found. It is most important we all act now for our voices to be heard before the SBC Planning Committee decide on its future.