Unforgettable: untold stories from Scotland's past

10 January 2022
Tom Jenkins illustration, copyright Rachel Park
Historic Environment Scotland has today announced a programme of activity to celebrate the Year of Stories which includes Unforgettable, an exhibition featuring the untold stories of 12 people from Scotland’s history.

The exhibition, which opens in April at Blackness Castle, celebrates stories of people from marginalised communities whose lives shaped or were shaped by Scotland and showcases their contribution to Scotland’s history.

Agnes MacDonald, copyright Leanne MacDonagh

Individuals featured in the exhibition include:

  • Walter Sholto, a trans writer who was the illegitimate child of George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton
  • Agnes McDonald (pictured above), who was executed in 1714 and was the last Scottish Gypsy/Traveller hanged under anti-Gypsy legislation in Scotland


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Visitors to the exhibition can also discover the stories of Ethel Moorhead (1869-1955) and Tom Jenkins. Ethel was an artist who became one of Scotland’s most vocal suffragettes and earned the symbolic title as the leader of Scotland’s suffragettes; leading hunger strikes for women’s suffrage and famously throwing an egg at Winston Churchill. Tom was the son of a West African King and slave trader and is thought to have been Scotland’s first black schoolteacher.

Their stories have been told by a variety of voices who have a connection to the story or the community. The exhibition will also feature images from the Historic Environment Scotland (HES) archives and specially commissioned artworks.

Unforgettable is part of a wider programme of activity developed by HES to celebrate Scotland’s themed year.

For further information on Scotland’s Year of Stories visit Historic Environment Scotland.