Nov / Dec 2018

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EXCLUSIVE History DVD on the Jacobites, explore what life was like for Scots in Early Modern England, all new National Galleries Scots exhibition, plus new research on Joan Beaufort

On Sale: 13/10/2018

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What's in this Issue?

This month we take a look at the major new National Galleries Scots in Italy exhibition, and find out what life was like for Scots in Early Modern England.

Also in this issue:

·     New research on Joan Beaufort (c.1404-1445) queen and regent

·     Your EXCLUSIVE history DVD- Who were the Jacobites and what did they want for Scotland? Enjoy an in-depth debate from Scotland's top        historians, plus an audience Q&A

·     Excavations at Buzzart Dykes, Perth & Kinross

·     Scottish labour laureates of the Victorian printing trade

Plus: Family history advice, archaeology dig reports and finds analysis, history of art series and lots more…


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