Power & Propaganda: Scotland 1306-1488

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How did the later medieval kings of Scotland manipulate their power and alliances after the Wars of Independence?

Power and Propaganda is a thematic reflection on the political history of late medieval Scotland, that considers the ways in which power was expressed and renegotiated during a crucial period in the kingdom’s history. It deals with themes including the nature of the power enjoyed by kings, how that power was maintained and how it was deployed; the interpersonal relations and struggles between kings and the elites within their kingdoms; and, the structures of governance through which power operated and was felt down to a local level. 

Late medieval Scotland is especially fertile ground for an examination of all of these themes as two new dynasties – the Bruces and the Stewarts – were faced with the challenge of establishing their own legitimacy and authority.

Key Features 

  • An introduction to a period in history dominated by national identity and independence from English sovereignty
  • Expert assessment of the period arranged in thematic chapters
  • Gives fresh insights into the period that draw on a wide range of sources
  • Extensive further reading lists