May / June 2018

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New research on rare medieval gravestones, a prince in exile, plus a prize-winning essay

On Sale: 14/04/2018

What's in this Issue?

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What's in this Issue?

In the May/June issue of History Scotland we present the latest research from experts in the fields of Scottish history, heritage and archaeology, as well as news, opinion, book reviews and upcoming history events. History Scotland is available to order in print or to download as a digital edition.

Highlights include:

  • The quixotic attempt by the tobacco heir David Guthrie Dunn to sail around the world in his small yacht, Southern Cross, in 1930
  • Discover the faded splendour of the Rome that was home to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the exiled Stuarts
  • A fresh contribution to the ongoing debate as to where the elusive abbey of Selkirk was situated during its brief existence in the early 12th century
  • A new study of the causes and consequences of the devastating famine of 1623
  • Esther Renwick, recently named postgraduate student of the year at the University of the Highlands and Islands, offers us an insight into her cutting-edge archaeological research

And so much more… family history advice, archaeology dig reports and finds analysis, exclusive National Records of Scotland column.

History Scotland magazine is the world's premier Scottish history publication, bringing together the latest insight and discoveries from curators, historians, authors and experts.

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