Jan / Feb 2019

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The tough reality of life as a Dundee whaler, the life of Stewart queen Mary of Guelders, the restoration of Monteath Mausoleum, and much more…

On Sale: 08/12/2018

What's in this Issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Explore centuries of history and archaeology in the first History Scotland issue of 2019.
Inside you’ll find history, archaeology, genealogy and heritage from some of the country’s top experts. 
Top reasons to read this issue:
Discover the tough reality of life as a Dundee whaler – and why the city’s female population was crucial to the success of the whaling industry
Read about Mary of Guelders – the Stewart queen who used her European connections to succeed in her royal role
See amazing images from the restoration of Monteath Mausoleum
Discover history events around the country during the winter months
Explore a new project to discover what we know – and have yet to discover – about the uses of gold in prehistoric Scotland

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