Mar / Apr 2019

Explore centuries of Scottish coastal history, reconstruction of an early Scottish migrant, plus NEW excavations at the prison of Mary Queen of Scots ... Read More >>

On Sale: 09 Feb 2019

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The March/April issue of History Scotlandis packed full of the latest research news and in-depth reads from experts in the fields of Scottish history, heritage and archaeology. 
Highlights include:

- 'The Stewart Queens of Scotland: Margaret of Denmark. New research on the life of Margaret, who reigned alongside James III of Scots

- Scottish coastal history: a wide-ranging overview of Scotland’s coastlineover the centuries

- A guide to Agricola’s campaign in Scotland

- Curator review of the new Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery at National Museum of Scotland

- Underwater archaeology at Loch Tay

- New excavations at the prison of Mary Queen of Scots in Sheffield Castle

Plus: Family history advice, archaeology dig reports and finds analysis, history of art series and lots more…​