Building the Iron Age Broch of Scotland

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Join Caithnessian duo Iain Maclean and Kenneth McElroy of the Caithness Broch Project as they guide us through their ambitious aims to construct a broch in Scotland - for the first time in 2,000 years!

On Sale: 15/03/2022

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Building the Iron Age Broch of Scotland

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This History Scotland talk from March 2022 explores the Caithness Broch Project, one of the most exciting experimental archaeology projects to take place anywhere in the world, a project which celebrates ancient ingenuity and pays homage to one of the pinnacles of prehistoric architecture, the monumental broch of Scotland.

A uniquely Scottish structure, these towers of power could be found across Scotland in the Iron Age; Iain and Ken discuss in detail their flagship project, detailing the inspiration behind their 'grand design', as well as talking about how they've managed to captivate people across the world with their plans.

A 45 minute talk with 30 min Q&A, chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy, History Scotland's consultant editor. 

History Scotland will make a donation to the Caithness Broch Project from the sale of each download.

Webinar and Q&A recorded live in March 2021. Please note: once purchased, you will receive a PDF download with details of how to view the video recording.

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